My Favorite Quotes
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 Nafez Azzam - “what happened in the United States today is a consequence of American policies in this region.”
 Nafez Azzam - “Israel in the past few weeks has committed brutal massacres against our people, and the Palestinians have a right to respond.”
 Nafez Azzam - “to thwart the wagers that wish to see an internal Palestinian conflict.”
 Nafez Azzam - “We condemn the style, the random killings,”
 Nafez Azzam - “This barbarous offensive on Islam is the result of a campaign of incitement against Islam waged by Bush.”
 Nafez Azzam - “Israel does not care about the efforts made to achieve calm. Israel is determined to pursue its aggression on our people. The resistance option remains the main choice for Islamic Jihad.”
 Nafez Azzam - “We condemn the style, the random killings. We condemn the killing of innocents anywhere, regardless of belief and religion.”
 Nafez Azzam - “We feel great rage at the continued attacks on Islam and the Prophet of Islam and we demand that the Danish government make a clear and public apology for the wrongful crime.”