My Favorite Quotes
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 Sathya Baba - “You are flowers in Gods garden, You are stars in Gods sky.”
 Sathya Baba - “Bear all and do nothingHear all and say nothingGive all and take nothingServe all and be nothing.”
 Sathya Baba - “Learn to give, not to take. Learn to serve, not to rule.”
 Sathya Baba - “Yes, I will give to those who give of themselves, untold Joy and Bliss and what is more, I will lead them by the hand along those petal strewn paths of Eternal Joy.”
 Sathya Baba - “Those who aspire to become devotees of God must give up meat, liquor and smoking.”
 Sathya Baba - “Do not belittle any religion or give predominance to any religion.”
 Sathya Baba - “If you give up and surrender to the lord, He will guide you and guard you.”
 Sathya Baba - “Be of service to others, for that is giving yourself to Me. For whatever you give, I will repay you thrice, Nay I shall repay you ten-fold. Try Me and you will see.”
 Sathya Baba - “Do not exaggerate the faults of others, but give them a wide margin and see them as small exaggerate yours, see them big and strive to remove them fast.”
 Sathya Baba - “No attention is paid to the blame or praise that others may give. It does not seek the admiration or the appreciation of the listeners.”
 Sathya Baba - “Have no desires to place before GOD, whatever HE does with you, however HE treats you, is the gift that HE likes best to give you”
 Sathya Baba - “When you kill an animal, you give him suffering, pain, harm. GOD is in every creature, so how can you give such pain”
 Sathya Baba - “What you get from society, give it back to society. That is the primary value to be cherished by everyone.”
 Sathya Baba - “No one wants to take from me what I give abundantly.”
 Sathya Baba - “I give my devotees whatever they ask, until they ask for what I want to give.”
 Sathya Baba - “Be ashamed of your hatred. Give up hatred and be quiet.”
 Sathya Baba - “Give up do not grasp in clenched fists. ”
 Sathya Baba - “Believe that God is everywhere at all times, and derive strength, comfort, and joy by singing His glory in His presence.”
 Sathya Baba - “You are a part of His glory”
 Sathya Baba - “Be good, be serviceable Be useful, be kind and Be God-fearing.”
 Sathya Baba - “Everyone seeks to know what good he can derive from other individuals or from society.”
 Sathya Baba - “Bury bad thoughts under good ones. Then the bad ones will just fade away and be forgotten.”
 Sathya Baba - “God gives everything whatever we get is His grace. You have no right to judge whether what you get is good or bad.”
 Sathya Baba - “Whatever acts a good or bad man may do, the fruits thereof follow him and will never stop pursuing him.”
 Sathya Baba - “Greed yields only sorrow contentment is best.”

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