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 Mike Babcock - “Four games in five nights and playing a good defensive team on the road, we must be doing something right.”
 Rob Babcock - “I think if you look at us on paper, we probably will not win as many games as last year.”
 Mike Babcock - “I think Howard has been good and I think the two guys that are supposed to be good have been good.”
 Mike Babcock - “You want guys selected for those teams. It means you have good players.”
 Mike Babcock - “I didn't think we were mentally sharp in the third period. So it was good to see Manny back on his game.”
 Mike Babcock - “They have really good players in Edmonton, they really do. I've got to tell you, I'm surprised we're playing them.”
 Mike Babcock - “Dan has played real good when you start him on the fourth line and then you move him around. When you put him in this situation ... we'll see how he does. Some guys can't do it. It's up to him.”
 Mike Babcock - “I've coached some good hockey players, but he's the best player I've ever coached. This guy, I always knew he was a good player, but I had no idea he was this good.”
 Mike Babcock - “To be passing Gordie Howe - holy mackerel That's unbelievable. That's how good you've been and that's how long you've played. And that's how good of players you played with.”
 Mike Babcock - “His heart had stopped beating and there was no pulse,”
 Mike Babcock - “I've talked to Scotty a lot. The best reputation, the best record, the best coach in the history of our game is here as a consultant for us. All I've got to do is phone him and ask. He's unbelievable.”
 Mike Babcock - “I don't know why Shanahan plays so well against Nashville. He gets all excited because Nashville is such a good hockey team.”
 Mike Babcock - “The bottom line is, we didn't play Steve much the first few games he played. Tonight he played, and he was important. He played important. He's ready to go and help our hockey team.”
 Mike Babcock - “Let's be honest, we had a great regular season, and the regular season's over. It you don't bring your best game, you don't win.”
 Rob Babcock - “He's a real man who has a strong character. He's not one of those guys who will come in and complain that they aren't staying in a five-star hotel.”
 Mike Babcock - “The league won't be hunting Ducks in camouflage anymore.”
 Mike Babcock - “We get on streaks in a heck of a hurry. So you got to turn it around quick. That's good.”
 Mike Babcock - “We'll see where he's at, ... I'm hopeful of the positive side of things. You're always concerned about good players being hurt.”
 Rob Babcock - “He gives us insurance at the point guard position and will help our younger players develop.”
 Mike Babcock - “The biggest difference to me was we're a little deeper. We think we have a real intelligent team that knows how to play without the puck. We really believe that the better we play without the puck, the quicker we are on offense.”
 Mike Babcock - “I thought Manny did a good job and our guys did a real great job on the kill. Our specialty teams did a phenomenal job.”
 Mike Babcock - “I thought the goalie was really good early when the rest of us weren't.”
 Rob Babcock - “It just made sense to do it, ... He was the least likely of them to get any playing time.”
 Mike Babcock - “With the Olympics, and the so many guys away, and the no equipment (Olympians' equipment being lost early in the tri), all the stuff going on, we knew it would be tough. Going into this trip, we knew if we could get points (early) we'd be fine. I knew we'd be good today after a couple of days off.”
 Mike Babcock - “We watched in on the replay a bunch of times. It doesn't look like that big a deal. ... I'll sleep easy tonight and we'll have a report tomorrow. He'll be fine.”

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