My Favorite Quotes
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 Suzi Babos - “There aren't too many teams that accomplished what we did against (the Cardinal). Next time, expect a lot more from us. We want to demonstrate the full depth of our lineup and hopefully we will.”
 Suzi Babos - “Everyone learned how to cope. When one person was out, we were able to fill in that role. Before we did not understand it was just a matter of teamwork. Now I think we are fully aware that we can adjust to whatever conditions we are faced with.”
 Suzie Babos - “The wind was a factor both days. We had to adjust our serve timing and placement otherwise it would go wide out. But we just stuck to playing smart in the wind.”
 Suzie Babos - “Everything just clicked. It was one of the best doubles matches we've played so far. Everything we planned, we were able to execute. We forced them to make the errors.”
 Suzie Babos - “Her opponent was just playing really smart. To (Stephanie's) credit, she is a fighter and is working hard during practice.”
 Suzi Babos - “We lost 4-3 last year. And we wanted to come back to their home court this year and show them how deep our lineup was. We had big problems with travel, but we were excited that we were able to cope with the difficulties with such focus.”
 Suzi Babos - “They are on their home court. They have 100 something wins there, and they have history and all their fans behind them. We just hope to pose a significant challenge and not come out there to just roll over and die. We want to know that at least we fought hard whether we win or not.”
 Suzi Babos - “It was good to know that was everyone was healthy. It definitely gives us a lot of confidence when we are all playing our best out there.”
 Suzi Babos - “I felt like it was the first time I was playing my best. I really enjoyed playing, and when that happens I can win. I had been dealing with all kinds of things, but I really felt ready. I am definitely regaining my confidence.”
 Suzi Babos - “The second match definitely was more competition. The courts were a lot faster. But everyone came out really strong and we just were able to take care of business.”