My Favorite Quotes
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 Lars Lagerback - “Of course I am very satisfied - to win seven games and lose one is rather good isn't it.”
 Jamie Broback - “Even more importantly, the way we're playing as a team and winning these Big Ten games. Penn State was a huge game for us. Now we're going on the road. Looking back to Penn State, that was just a huge team win.”
 Lars Lagerback - “I think we had a very good game, playing on this level equal with the Dutch team. It was a really good match and it could have gone either way.”
 Brad Reback - “The company's billings growth continues to decelerate, a trend we expected to reverse its course. Given that the company's billings directly impact the company's cash flow trends, this deceleration concerns us.”
 Jamie Broback - “It's a great honor for Shannon and I. But right now I think our goals are a lot bigger than just individual honors.”
 Jamie Broback - “I hope I got counted for the assist. Good thing Katie was there, a nice little finger roll.”
 Jamie Zuieback - “After further review, it was determined that it would be appropriate to grant humanitarian parole for this child.”
 Sam Brownback - “an individual of unquestionable qualifications and a long judicial track record.”
 Jamie Zuieback - “Based on new information ICE determined there was no longer a legal basis to support an appeal.”
 Lars Lagerback - “Perhaps he stays in Italy and so learned from Machiavelli. We want to play to win this game. It's not a question of playing for a 2-2 draw so Italy will be out and to reach the second stage. We are going to play our game.”
 Lars Lagerback - “We heard now and again the result from the Italy game but I didn't hear about the final result until the end of our match.”
 Sam Brownback - “It looks like to me that he is open to review cases as he should be as a judge.”
 Sam Brownback - “The frustration is a lack of knowledge.”
 Simms Taback - “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.”
 Simms Taback - “After 'Old Lady' I showed this earlier version (of 'Joseph') to my publisher. I said, 'What if I redo this' I made all new illustrations for it ... and I just lucked out. I feel a little vindicated in a certain sense.”
 Isaiah Stanback - “I'm always wanting to learn new things. That's why I majored in American ethnic studies.”
 Isaiah Stanback - “I made that adjustment, with a lot of work from myself and the coaches. But the coaches aren't telling me not to run. I have the green light. I just have to find that happy medium.”
 Sam Brownback - “We must do everything we can to be more aggressive in confronting Syria about what they are doing in Iraq.”
 Hugo Gernsback - “Let it be understood, in the first place, that a science fiction story must be an exposition of a scientific theme and it must be also a story.”
 Hugo Gernsback - “You have a perfect right to use your imagination as you will in developing the principles, but the fundamental scientific theory must be correct.”
 Travis Fryback - “I really thought we were going to win this game as it went on. We're just not strong enough quite yet.”
 Pat Stendback - “I don't think that was ever a thought, he wanted to go and give it a try.”
 Sam Brownback - “A lot of us wanted somebody who has a pretty well-established and thought-through and set judicial philosophy,”
 Florence Back - “She loved having a large family. She has 56 grandchildren, 84 great-grandchildren, and 28 great-great grandchildren. After she moved in with me, she got to see them all of the time.”
 Sam Brownback - “I don't know at this point in time.”

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