My Favorite Quotes
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 Glenn Backes - “We would like to see it picked up in other states, but we don't necessarily have millions on hand to run voter initiatives, and not every state has voter initiatives.”
 Glenn Backes - “Proposition 36 is tremendously successful at saving lives, at saving money, at keeping families together and at turning people into taxpayers instead of tax users. It is not a silver bullet. But nothing better has been proposed by anyone.”
 Kurt Backes - “I wanted to wrestle smart. (Jordan's) a strong kind he's real defensive and explosive. If you make a mistake, he'll counter it.”
 Kurt Backes - “If you make a mistake, (Jordan) will counter. I got the early takedown and wrestled safe, made him chase after me.”
 Kurt Backes - “If I got that first takedown, then I'd have to make him wrestle instead of running away and making it a more defensive match for himself. I took him down and made him chase after me instead of the other way around.”
 Kurt Backes - “I told myself to just go out and wrestle, wrestle hard and everything will take care of itself. I'm usually a fast-pace wrestler, I don't like plodding and the slow pace, so it was good.”
 Kurt Backes - “I'm in a good spot. I just have stay calm, confident and relaxed and everything will take care of itself.”
 Glenn Backes - “California has the highest per capita rate of incarceration of any state - or it did until Proposition 36.”