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 Roy Backus - “This is where we wanted to get to all season. So you can bet we're going to give it our best shot. We're going try and play them like we played De Queen because when De Queen is on, they're a team a lot like CAC.”
 Jenny Backus - “They talked about a realignment of the government. But it looks like it's a total arraignment of the government.”
 Jenny Backus - “For the American people, Katrina is one of the biggest symbols that this government doesn't work for their interests.”
 Roy Backus - “It's an honor that I certainly appreciate. A young coach like myself appreciates any honor, but coaching honors come because you have good players and that's what did it for us this season.”
 Jeff Backus - “I'm not going to hurt the team, just going out there to show people that I'm tough,”
 Roy Backus - “I really figured we were a year away. But at the same time I knew the talent we had could get us to this point if things fell just right.”
 Jenny Backus - “We've known for the last few months that Bush is on his Bob Jones redemption tour, but now we know who the sponsors are the tobacco industry, HMOs and insurance companies, and the gun lobby.”
 Jeff Backus - “They could sign me tomorrow, but I'm not interested in even talking about re-signing until I know who the coach is and what his offensive philosophy is going to be.”
 Jenny Backus - “They're right across the street from the Republicans, I understand. It's a small town.”
 Jim Backus - “Many a man owes his success to his first wife and his second wife to his success”
 Roy Backus - “We really should do some great things in the next three years. I know I'm excited about the prospects, especially after that first year I had here as a coach. That's something I don't ever want to go through again.”
 Jeff Backus - “What we've been through the last four years makes me sick. Everybody around here calls me 'Grumpy,' and I've become that way as a direct result of our record since I've been here.”
 Jenny Backus - “Every morning, we get up and proclaim the good news It's still too close to call”
 Jenny Backus - “I don't think he can make an asset out of being in the middle anymore.”
 Roy Backus - “We didn't double team her because we wanted to make sure they didn't beat us with their guards, who are also pretty special. We knew if we sagged back on her, they could wear us out with their 3-point shooting. But as it turns out, it was six of one and half dozen of another. We were in a tough spot no matter what we did.”
 Roy Backus - “We got so fatigued because of the hectic pace we played in the first half that they were able to make a run at us when the fourth quarter started. We ended up having to make free throws to win it.”
 Jeff Backus - “He's just really, really focused on turning this around. He has a plan, and it starts with finding a coach that shares his mind-set, someone who can help keep turmoil out of the locker room.”
 Jeff Backus - “Until we have a coach, until we have a plan for next year, I'm not going to make any commitments. I'm in no rush, not until we get things straightened out upstairs.”
 Jenny Backus - “His plan is going to needlessly risk the economic prosperity and jeopardize the future of Social Security and Medicare.”
 Jenny Backus - “Those are the places where we can expand the electoral map for the party. For the long-term strength of the Democratic Party, there's nothing more important than the governors' races, and the purple states are huge opportunities.”
 Jeff Backus - “My first preference would be to test the market, without closing the door on coming back. I feel I have earned the opportunity to explore my options.”
 Randall Backus - “We are not very deep anywhere. A lot of our outlook will depend on if we can avoid injuries.”
 Jenny Backus - “We can't play defensive. And we have to take our message beyond simply that Washington is gripped by a 'culture of corruption.' We've got to show the American people that things don't get done, that taxpayer dollars get wasted and that there's no accountability when there is one-party rule in Washington.”
 Roy Backus - “We were sluggish at the start and our girls got beat down the court about four or five times in row before I called a timeout. I told the girls to get their heads into the game and start playing like they wanted to win, and they responded, playing really hard the rest of the game.”
 Roy Backus - “We very easily could have won the regional, but there's not a whole lot of difference in between No. 1 and No. 4 at this level. We got hot in mid-January and have been playing real well since then. From there we've been real consistent.”

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