My Favorite Quotes
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 Aaron Baddeley - “It was a good day. I hung in there. I didn't hit every green, but when I missed it I got up and down and hit a lot of good shots. I drove the ball really well, which I'm really happy with.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “This just hasn't quite fit in, but I think I'll be playing here every year because my wife loves this spot. She said we're coming here every year, and that's fine by me.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “My goal is to become better than Tiger. If Tiger is the best player in the world, and I want to be the best player in the world, then I have to be better than Tiger. He's the benchmark, and I want to get better than the benchmark.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “I just knew it was a matter of time before the putter started working a little bit. I've just been patiently waiting for this to happen. I'm excited. I'm looking forward to the weekend, especially around this golf course.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “Even though I made triple, I was still only four off the lead. So I thought if you make a few coming in, you're going to be right there for the weekend. That's what I did.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “I had success early. And then I struggled for like three or four years, didn't live up to my expectations or probably the expectations of other people. It was frustrating at times and it was hard at times, but I really felt that my relationship with the Lord helped me get through that.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “This is a stepping stone for the big picture. It's going to ease (expectations) and I'm going to learn from today. I learned from Jim, watching him play. It's a step in the right direction.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “This is a stepping stone of the big picture.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “I definitely made it a point this week to not let up because in the past sometimes when I have won, the next week I have not quite played as well. I was maybe a little lazy, so this week I wanted to keep the routine normal.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “I wouldn't say (winning is a) relief, but it's a dream. It's a goal that's been reached. So it's very satisfying.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “I didn't realize it went in, but that was a great way to finish. I saw the reaction of the crowd, but I wasn't sure. When I got up there the ball wasn't anywhere to be seen.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “When you're not finding the fairway, it's hard to be consistent. Right now I'm comfortable and I'm not so comfortable, if that makes sense.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “I expect to drive it on the fairway every time I step up to the ball now. I've got a lot more confidence in my driver.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “I came from Australia wanting to play (in the U.S.), got invited to the Masters, U.S. Open, several tournaments, and in September of that year, I wanted to quit.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “It's fantastic winning here and it's great to keep it in Australia.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “It's been a special day. Yesterday was my anniversary. It has been a special weekend, it really has.”
 Aaron Baddeley - “I definitely feel that a little weight has been lifted. Now I know the next time I'm in that position, I'll know I've gone ahead and won before, so it's going to give me confidence the next time I'm in the same position.”