My Favorite Quotes
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 Dick Baddour - “It would be unfair at this time to take a game of this magnitude off campus.”
 Dick Baddour - “The men have been playing for decades and the women for a much shorter time. And a lot of that time the women haven't been ignored, but they haven't been treated equally, either. Now that they are getting better funding it just isn't fair or realistic to expect women to (make money) so quickly.”
 Dick Baddour - “Coach Williams and I discussed this matter some time in the past and will talk again after both of us have had a chance to review the report. Coach Williams has a long and distinguished record of running a program with integrity and within NCAA rules. His record for more than 25 years as a college coach clearly demonstrates that to be the case.”
 Dick Baddour - “Everyone at Carolina is extremely grateful to the Steinbrenner family. We are fortunate that his family has enjoyed its relationship with the University of North Carolina and that Mr. Steinbrenner felt the Tar Heel baseball program was a worthy recipient of this unique and generous gift.”
 Dick Baddour - “It's a great accomplishment for the league. But really, it's not completely surprising if you go back and look at how strong the conference has been all season.”