My Favorite Quotes
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 Brett Bader - “The math is tough in the Senate, but they (Republicans) should pick up House seats. I don't see how they can help but pick up.”
 Brett Bader - “They could have built a new viaduct instead, they chose to build a monorail, light rail and two stadiums.”
 Douglas Bader - “We were all flying around up and down the coast near Dunkirk looking for enemy aircraft which seemed also to be milling around with no particular cohesion.”
 Douglas Bader - “The successful pilots succeeded because they did not open fire until they were close to the target.”
 Brett Bader - “The thought hasn't cross my mind.”
 Brett Bader - “There's time to get it together, but the clock is ticking.”
 Jeff Bader - “We're not throwing in the towel we're still programming aggressively. But the combination of the Olympics and American Idol creates some time periods where those programs will dominate no matter what airs against them.”
 Jeff Bader - “We have three big shows on Sunday, so there will be pressure to spread the wealth.”
 Douglas Bader - “Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.”
 Gretta Bader - “Fulbright was always a wonderful, warm, intelligent human being. I enjoyed his intensity. ... You really had to be on your toes.”
 Greg Bader - “The fact that they are having both number plans is a good solution.”
 Brett Bader - “The problem is not money. The problem is priorities and leadership.”
 Greg Bader - “It's something I've been around for some time. The coaches make it a great atmosphere for us. We're part of something special.”
 Andy Bader - “On one hand it is truly independent cinema. We were just a couple of interested people who decided to make a movie. On the other, the style of the film is not bland it's not just another movie.”
 Gretta Bader - “I like working where people live or work, because they're relaxed. I don't have to entertain them.”
 Douglas Bader - “Don't listen to anyone who tells you that you can't do this or that. That's nonsense. Make up your mind, you'll never use crutches or a stick, then have a go at everything. Go to school, join in all the games you can. Go anywhere you want to. But never, never let them persuade you that things are too difficult or impossible.”
 Douglas Bader - “Like the Spitfire it was immensely strong a pilot had no need to fear the danger of pulling the wings off, no matter how desperate the situation became.”
 Gretta Bader - “He was possibly the brightest human being I've ever engaged in conversation.”
 Andy Bader - “We were trying to make a movie that was funny, but also trying to be smart about being funny. We just wanted to make people laugh,. If you want to make a comedy you just don't want to hit people in the groin for two hours, even though that's really funny too. We wanted our jokes to have a little weight to them.”
 Gretta Bader - “The hope was that you would emphasize Fulbright's intense interest in education and the clear impact he had internationally.”
 Douglas Bader - “The sea from Dunkirk to Dover during these days of the evacuation looked like any coastal road in England on a bank holiday. It was solid with shipping.”
 Douglas Bader - “I then realized my appearance was a bit odd. My right leg was no longer with me. It had caught somewhere in the top of the cockpit as I tried to leave my Spitfire.”
 Brett Bader - “We don't have the big bucks, so we have to focus on grassroots and targeted advertising.”
 Eric Lustbader - “Men make the mistake of thinking that because women can't see the sense in violence, they must be passive creatures. It's just not true. Inone important way, at least, men are the passive sex. Given a choice, they will always opt for the status quo. They hate change of any kind,and they fight against it constantly. On the other hand, what women want is stability, which when you stop to think about it is a verydifferent animal.”