My Favorite Quotes
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 Abe Badmus - “I was actually looking for my shot early on. Every time I got in the lane I saw trees all around me, so I really couldn't get it up, I had to dish it off.”
 Abe Badmus - “Every defensive possession we value because that's an opportunity for them to score. At that point in the game, they were manhandling us on the defensive end and some people had to shore things up.”
 Abe Badmus - “Coach (Flannery) always puts me at the line in practice. If I miss it, we run. I felt bad for my teammates because we ran a lot last year.”
 Abe Badmus - “I think that point guards make the best coaches.”
 Abe Badmus - “From point guard to their center, they are right up there (with Duke and Villanova), if not better. (Memphis) is so deep and athletic, that its so tough to keep taking those punches.”
 Abe Badmus - “Charles (Lee) made a great penetration play, and left me wide open with no other choice but to shoot it. I just let it go.”