My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Bageanis - “I thought our starting seven people played well. We made some nice decisions with the ball and we made some nice passes and we found the right people.”
 Jim Bageanis - “We wanted to jump on them right away. We beat them last time so we didn't want them to think they've improved enough to give us a game. It was important to us to get off to a good start.”
 Jim Bageanis - “We could have probably won like we did the first time if we made our free throws and inside shots -- but that's a lot of ifs. We were lucky to get out of there with a win. We struggled and still won, so that's a good thing.”
 Jim Bageanis - “I expected to make a few mistakes. Our adrenaline was up and we were playing against a top team. We had a few of those turnovers we were expecting, but the girls responded back.”
 Jim Bageanis - “To me it felt like it was just because I know how we are -- we have a tendency that when teams make a run on us it's a big one. To me it seemed closer than it was, but that could just be me because I'm always nervous.”
 Jim Bageanis - “We had a really good first quarter and when you get a big lead like we did so early in the game, it's harder to protect it. You know a team as good as Hinsdale South is going to make a run.”
 Jim Bageanis - “I know you don't want to be happy with a loss ever, but it was a good loss. I think we showed ourselves well. They're a great team -- they might win the state championship. I thought it was a good game all around.”
 Jim Bageanis - “We needed to come out and finish them off and get it to the point where we were in control, and that's what we did.”