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 Jack Bagley - “We've got to stop Prescott, dribble penetration. And we can't give them three or four opportunities.”
 Eric Bagley - “There were two different styles of play out there they played the long ball and we possessed the ball. But they're very strong up top, so they're good at it. Out of the 90 minutes, we played a bad 10 minutes and they scored two goals.”
 Eric Bagley - “(Aja) is a very good player for us and anybody else. We are happy to have her. She played a great game and she was excited to score two goals.”
 Eric Bagley - “We were dead on our feet, but we had to come out in the second half. South Burlington is too good a team They would have put us away.”
 Lester Bagley - “But the 1 billion (investment) doesn't happen without the stadium piece of it. The stadium is the anchor.”
 Edythe Bagley - “It was about 1951. She had written me and said he was very special and he thought she was very special, and I knew it was serious. She said he reminded her of her father and there was no more to say. I looked upon him favorably and was impressed.”
 Eric Bagley - “Northfield is a very tough, physical team, and they go in and play very hard. Unfortunately we just couldn't break their bunker defense today.”
 Jack Bagley - “We had a lot better effort today.”
 Bruce Bagley - “President Bush did not do well. He received an underwhelming reception both on U.S. security and trade issues. His leadership has clearly been weakened.”
 Bruce Bagley - “President Bush did not do well, ... He received an underwhelming reception both on U.S. security and trade issues. His leadership has clearly been weakened.”
 Lester Bagley - “If some out-of-state developer said he was interested in making a billion-dollar investment into our economy, political leaders would be falling over themselves. Because of the stadium, people are frozen. They don't know what to do. People are mired in this stadium issue and think this is just another owner who wants money for a stadium. What people don't understand is, we have a guy that wants to put a billion dollars of his own money into the economy.”
 Edythe Bagley - “(Coretta) had incredible stamina. She lived 200 years in 78.”
 Edythe Bagley - “It was exciting. We were meeting interesting people from all over the world, of all races. We felt we were heading to the promised land.”
 Lester Bagley - “This is the best opportunity the state has had to solve all three (stadium) issues. There's starting to be some discussions. So we're trying to keep it going, to try and make our case.”
 Lester Bagley - “We have no comment on the latest Culpepper e-mail.”
 Eric Bagley - “Going undefeated was not a goal of anyone on this team. In the grand scheme of things, one loss does not mean that much. We didn't finish a lot of chances early which could have put the game out of reach.”
 Lester Bagley - “We worked late into the evening last night and it's a competitive process. We're still working on the final details of the contract.”
 Edythe Bagley - “Where we grew up was rural country. It was a good community, mostly church-going farmers. We enjoyed life. But there was a struggle going on, and our parents were working hard.”
 Edythe Bagley - “Our families, the Scott and King families, have been chosen to lead what I feel is a movement toward a more humane society. When you live life, like Coretta and Martin did, its not about celebrity. Because of the legacy they have left us, enough people may be inspired to carry on the traditions, and we can save ourselves and our childrens future. Losing a sister is painful.”
 Edythe Bagley - “She was a spiritual leader, not a celebrity, who I feel gave her life, as Martin gave, to service mankind.”
 Jack Bagley - “They start big. They've got five starters that are 6-2 and they're real physical, they play good man-to-man and they put good pressure on the ball. I think we've got to make sure we take care of the ball and rebound.”
 Edythe Bagley - “They're making arrangements to bring her body home to Atlanta at the moment.”
 Edythe Bagley - “I do know that the body is going to be embalmed and the body and the children will be coming in tonight.”
 Lester Bagley - “My personal belief is this deal is not going to get better for the state than right now.”
 Lester Bagley - “We've been working around the clock and we are just putting the finishing touches on the agreement.”

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