My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Bagnall - “It put us in a hole. We obviously can't give up three in the first inning.”
 Jim Bagnall - “Instead of dealing with just one run or one pitch at a time, I think we're looking at three runs and thinking, 'Oh my gosh, if we don't come back and do something right away, it seems it's going to be an even bigger mountain for us to get over.' We've got to get over that.”
 Jim Bagnall - “I thought we did well against a good pitching performance by them. We just made some mistakes, and when you make mistakes in a close game, it ends up hurting you.”
 Jim Bagnall - “Phoenix is tough. Their record doesn't show that, but that doesn't mean a thing in our league. They're solid they play good defense, pitch it pretty well, and we're going to have to go out and play well - just like every other series we play.”
 Jim Bagnall - “We went out there and played good baseball, and we did some of the things we were supposed to do. Either team could've won that game. Unfortunately, it just didn't work out for us.”
 Jim Bagnall - “They did an OK job of keeping (Western) off balance. It wasn't their best stuff, but we simply didn't score enough runs.”
 Jim Bagnall - “I think the thing that made a difference for him today, especially late in the game, was his ability to throw the ball inside. He hadn't been able to do that lately. Today, he was able to throw some balls inside to keep them from leaning over the plate looking for a breaking ball or hitting it the other way.”