My Favorite Quotes
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 Shannon Bahrke - “I'm going with the super-duper air package. And I'll execute it perfectly at the games.”
 Shannon Bahrke - “I was this skinny, ugly, anorexic thing. It was awful. It was so bad.”
 Shannon Bahrke - “If you land on your head, that was the wrong way to do it.”
 Shannon Bahrke - “We pretty much live together. You have to get along with your teammates. It's really cool to be part of that.”
 Shannon Bahrke - “I think the Olympic winners from the past know exactly how to be successful. They know what to expect. And there's a whole group underneath them that knows how to do it, too.”
 Shannon Bahrke - “I worked hard the whole way back. I have cried more this year than any other ... I'm just so excited to be back here. I never take no for an answer. You fight every step of the way. I'll be damned if I'm not going to make it.”