My Favorite Quotes
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 David Bailiff - “Our job as coaches is to get them back down to earth. They have got to understand how important this South Dakota State game is to us.”
 David Bailiff - “I want to get where we are like the University of Texas, where you're not wondering every year whether you're going to have a winning season. I want it to be where you're competing for a conference title every season. Coming out of the spring, we're still forming that team.”
 David Bailiff - “We absolutely can't wait for conference. This is going to be a total focus week around here.”
 David Bailiff - “Our guys have been working since December to get ready for those 11 opportunities (to play). We don't want to miss one. We're excited that we get to play AM.”
 David Bailiff - “I appreciate people noticing but the guys need to let that go and understand we have a tough football team coming to town. Now we did lose. It was nice to go toe-to-toe with them, but that loss counts the same as any other loss on our schedule. We have got to move on. We have got to understand that there is a lot of season left and there's a lot of things that we want to accomplish this season.”
 David Bailiff - “Usually going into game four you know what your opponent is going to do. But we have really been off balanced as far of what game plan we can plan for.”
 David Bailiff - “We're developing personality. And quite frankly, I'm really proud of what these young men are doing right now.”
 David Bailiff - “They play passionate defense. They get off blocks faster than anyone we have played and I'm not saying that because they are our next opponent. They make very few mistakes defensively, and if there's a 50-yard pass, you'll see the defensive linemen running down the field.”
 David Bailiff - “I'm really happy they've shown the confidence in what we're doing as a staff. This is a positive step for the program.”
 David Bailiff - “He needs to be the committee. Heck, he's big enough to be the committee. I do like the way he is approaching the season. He wants to be the feature back.”
 David Bailiff - “We not only wanted great talent, but we wanted players a lot of different ages (to balance class numbers). As a group, we got tremendous size, height and speed.”