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 Tim Bajarin - “From the video, it looks like it's more of a mainstream Windows hand-held system as opposed to one dedicated to games or any specific application.”
 Tim Bajarin - “It's not an accident. This is something Apple works at. Apple has the longest history of doing this.”
 Tim Bajarin - “Every TV set, set-top box, cell phone will have an Internet connection. If every device is connected to the Internet, it requires a different way of thinking about how to create products and how consumers use products.”
 Ben Bajarin - “If this takes off, it could steamroller the copyright protection on CDs the labels are pushing.”
 Tim Bajarin - “This time, they really made the interface simpler.”
 Tim Bajarin - “That is the biggest theme and shift, where every device is connected and always on. If devices are connected all the time, it changes the way you design a product.”
 Tim Bajarin - “We're moving into an exciting new phase of personal computing, ... What an Internet appliance is being defined as today is anything that connects to the Internet that isn't a PC.”
 Tim Bajarin - “Dell is notorious for taking a wait-and-see approach, and then, if something catches on, coming in and dominating it.”
 Tim Bajarin - “I don't think Amazon's prospective store is a threat at all. There are a lot of things that Amazon would have to get right for this to work.”
 Tim Bajarin - “makes Palm a worthy competitor in enterprise accounts.”
 Tim Bajarin - “It has turned them into worthy competitors of major PC vendors.”
 Tim Bajarin - “The first 25 years of the tech era was to bring digital technologies to businesses and millions of personal computers. The next 25 years will be focused on bringing digital technologies to billions of consumer devices.”
 Tim Bajarin - “We're moving toward an Internet economy. Whether people understand it or not, we're moving to a place where as much as 50 percent of all our purchases will be done over the Internet in the next five years.”
 Tim Bajarin - “People who don't understand the world of technology think that technology has an end, but technology is always just the beginning. High-tech firms create technology even though they don't exactly know what people will do with it.”
 Tim Bajarin - “Schwartz is a no-nonsense type of manager and is really high on results. There's no question that he would cut jobs, but it would probably be wrong to characterize him as a wholesale hatchet man. I think his main priority is to right the ship.”
 Tim Bajarin - “Apple will continue to be a force in portable music and video, and desktop innovation.”
 Tim Bajarin - “I don't see it as a threat at all to Apple's music empire.”
 Tim Bajarin - “Apple will continue to be a force in portable music and video, and desktop innovation. Its key challenge now is how it will extend the Mac more into the digital lifestyle, into the living room and the rest of the house, as well as to other portable devices.”
 Ben Bajarin - “I haven't seen anything coming out of the movie distribution service that is this compelling. There is an opportunity for them to really grow the service and establish themselves as a way to deliver top quality movies.”
 Tim Bajarin - “From the technology side, we look at broadband as an important driver for next-generation processors, memory, servers, screen technology -- basically everything.”
 Ben Bajarin - “The hardware is not there yet for full-length movies. But the X and Y Generations are going to eat this up. They're used to consuming media on small screens.”
 Tim Bajarin - “We think the biggest boost will come with the release of Whistler in the third quarter, which potentially could drive significant sales if Microsoft is effective in pushing the streaming media component of that,”
 Tim Bajarin - “I don't believe for a second that Jobs wants to be a media mogul as much as he is a technology visionary. I find that idea out in left field.”
 Ben Bajarin - “Apple is clearly trying to put themselves in a position of dominance in the digital media market for distribution.”
 Ben Bajarin - “The question is how can they make their product appealing to the cable and satellite operators. So it's not just 100 percent based on customer awareness.”

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