My Favorite Quotes
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 Asif Bajwa - “I would say it was a bad game after doing well in India and such a performance can not be a winning one especially after a team misses as many as eight scoring chances.”
 Asif Bajwa - “It was a perfect turf where you can play your game and show your skill at the same time.”
 Asif Bajwa - “We needed a six-goal victory to improve our position, and we managed that today.”
 Asif Bajwa - “They can gain more from this series. If they can identify their weaknesses which caused the loss, then there is enough time to rectify those before the Commonwealth Games next month.”
 Asif Bajwa - “It is too risky to have a substitute like him. You never know what he is up to next. We have advised him many times to stay cool. However, he usually acts on the contrary.”
 Asif Bajwa - “We were the better side, so this is a fair result, but we should have won in regulation. England's defenders did not allow our wingers to launch raids, so we generated attack down the center.”