My Favorite Quotes
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 Gary Bald - “It's a situation where each of the agencies brings their particular areas of expertise to bear on this case,”
 Gary Bald - “This continues to be a joint investigation by a large number of state, local and federal law enforcement agencies, ... 100 percent.”
 Gary Bald - “from many of the locations.”
 Gary Bald - “it would make absolutely no difference in the way the investigation is being conducted.”
 Tim Bald - “It was a setback. But you go on. I am just glad who we have here. I am just glad as heck. Things work out in funny ways.”
 Tim Bald - “When this thing started, I had listed and jotted some names down of people. Gary was at the top of my list on that. He was from the very beginning.”
 Tim Bald - “It is going right along. It is going on schedule.”
 Tim Bald - “All along, we are hoping and thinking that it will be more local than far away, just because you want those connections in recruiting and all that.”
 Tim Bald - “I just think that looking at the overall program and the direction and what the future looked like, I just thought a change needed to be made. It is not easy. It is not easy because he is a classy person. We sure do appreciate all that he has done for St. Norbert College and the way he represented us.”
 George Bald - “The issue is bringing cargo in and bringing cargo out - and Portland, New York, Boston, and Montreal, these are big competitors.”
 George Bald - “The bridge is not the essential limiting factor of the port. Its not take down the bridge and cruise ships will come, but finding out whether or not they want to come to Portsmouth at all.”
 George Bald - “We need to understand how freight moves and what is involved.”
 George Bald - “It will impact us and we cant get away from it.”
 George Bald - “We have so many companies at Pease that are involved in international business. China is the worlds seventh-largest economy today and will likely be the fifth by the end (of 2006).”
 George Bald - “I think all of northern New England, it would be an opportunity for them to be able to use this facility.”
 George Bald - “We'll continue to look for opportunities to let people know they can ship from here, and hopefully that day will come when they can give us weekly service.”
 W. G. Sebald - “People's ability to forget what they do not want to know, to overlook what is before their eyes, was seldom put to the test better than in Germany at that time.”
 Dottie Archibald - “My husband and I have figured out a really good system about the housework neither one of us does it.”

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