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 Christian Bale - “When it comes to films, people often don't differentiate between the message of a bad central character and the message of the film itself. They are two separate things.”
 Christian Bale - “We are starting off with our own different characters and our own laws and everything, looking at Bruce Wayne and how he came to be the person that he was and how he comes to be this man that jumps around in the Bat suit.”
 Christian Bale - “My hope is that people will be repulsed by the character's complete lack of ethics and obsession with consumerism - that's what I was saying about the difference between the character's message and the film's message.”
 Christian Bale - “It's not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me.”
 Christian Bale - “It's about pursuing it rather than waiting to see what comes along. That's partly because I found myself getting typecast, as everyone does unless they pursue roles that are very different from what they've done before.”
 Christian Bale - “I've had some painful experiences in my life, but I feel like I'm trivializing them by using them for a scene in a movie. I don't want to do that. It just makes me feel kind of dirty for having done that.”
 Christian Bale - “I tend to think you're fearless when you recognize why you should be scared of things, but do them anyway.”
 Christian Bale - “I don't personally look to my own life experiences for answers about how to play a scene.”
 Christian Bale - “Essentially, I'm untrained, so I just go with my imagination and try to put myself as solidly as I can into the shoes of whatever person I'm going to be playing.”
 Christian Bale - “But after having done American Psycho and Shaft, I found it a breath of fresh air to play somebody who's completely human in terms of his emotions.”
 Christian Bale - “I have a fear of being boring.”
 Christian Bale - “An actor should never be larger than the film he's in.”
 Christian Bale - “I don't think I'm like any of the characters I've played - they're all really far from who I am.”
 Christian Bale - “I only sound intelligent when there's a good script writer around.”
 Christian Bale - “If everyone really knew what a jerk I am in real life, I wouldn't be so adored in the slightest.”
 Christian Bale - “But I enjoyed getting sick, I didn't mind it at all. So in that short amount of time, I did actually go from 121 right back up to 180, which is way too fast obviously. And that resulted in some doctors visits to get things sorted out.”
 Christian Bale - “They've been speaking about (a sequel) from the first time they opened their mouths.”
 Christian Bale - “Obviously there are times with acting when exactly what is required is just going through the motions, and when doing nothing is the best thing. But at other times, you have to make that leap beyond the immediate environment of people putting up lights on the set.”
 Christian Bale - “I think trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing in the world a woman can do.”
 Christian Bale - “And being as I'm somebody who loves movies like The Machinist, I also love going along to big mass entertainment movies. I get in the mood for all kinds of movies, and so I like to try each of them.”
 Christian Bale - “We both said we were sick of seeing movies where the fights are clean and tidy, so we made it messy, ... a welt on my forehead that made me look like the Elephant Man for a couple of days.”
 Christian Bale - “I'm English. Our dentistry is not world famous. But I made sure I got moldings of my old teeth beforehand because I miss them.”
 Christian Bale - “My method can be nothing, or the most intense, bizarre preparations you've ever seen.”
 Christian Bale - “What I love about my wife is that she's a really strong-minded, stubborn, fiery woman. I find that sexier than anything else.”
 Christian Bale - “All of the muscles were gone, so that was a real tough time of rebuilding all of that. But you have a deadline, you have an obligation. You've said that you will commit to this part, and I just can't live with myself for not really giving it as much as I can.”

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