My Favorite Quotes
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 Marco Balich - “We decided not to use ice because we think ice limits speed. In Salt Lake City they had huge problems when it rained two hours before the show.”
 Marco Balich - “Many times there have been only men. Now it is a moment to have only women.”
 Marco Balich - “The music of the '70s and '80s is fun music and we wanted to have a party.”
 Marco Balich - “I wanted to make a very beautiful party, and music of the '70s and '80s is party music.”
 Marco Balich - “We have worked around the passionate way that Italians approach all things, good and bad the way they drive, the way they eat and the way they dress. We will have a very energetic show. There will be a lot of speed. Italians love speed.”
 Marco Balich - “Italians live very passionately their cars, how they eat and dress. Italians love speed, too, so we wanted to represent this also.”
 Marco Balich - “You can see passion in the way we drive, the way we eat, the way we dress.”
 Marco Balich - “The opening ceremony is all about passion, energy, the Italy of the future. It will be a bit aggressive. The closing ceremony will have a carnival theme - with a melancholy air because it's the end of the Games.”
 Marco Balich - “They will march into the stadium together to stress that sports is a big, single family that also needs moments of fun. To each section of the IOC official protocol, we shall answer with our goofy and grotesque protocol and I am sure the people will laugh and cheer.”