My Favorite Quotes
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 Fairuza Balk - “He's got a really good sense of humor and I know that every teen-age boy in America worships him.”
 Fairuza Balk - “I want love, because love is the best feeling in the whole world.”
 Fairuza Balk - “Skinhead women are expected to stay at home making babies and cooking food. But if it makes them happy, so be it.”
 Fairuza Balk - “I got beat up up in Texas because my bootlaces were the wrong color.”
 Fairuza Balk - “As I was being born my father claims that he was playing his fiddleviolin to soothe my mother and when my head came out he says that I looked right into his eyes and that my eyes were the color of electric turquoise and in Persian the word for turquoise is Fairuza, it also means Sacred or Precious one....don't ask me...”
 Fairuza Balk - “I had a hard time in my teens. It's a shock to realize you suddenly have to look like Christy Turlington. Everyone expects you to have long legs and big breasts at thirteen. I wasn't very tall but I had a voluptuous body, to put it politely.”
 Fairuza Balk - “It's just not part of who I am to hate black people or Mexican people. so instead of trying to develop that, what I did -- and this will sound bizarre -- was use my hatred for racists or people who kill gay men just because they're gay. I mean, there are people who beat other people up because they don't like what they're wearing.”