My Favorite Quotes
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 Rajesh Balkrishnan - “The women who used foundations to cover these kinds of marks reported having a lower health-related quality of life than did the women who didn't wear the same kind of makeup.”
 Rajesh Balkrishnan - “In this case the psychological impact often outweighs the physical aspects of the problem -- the women in our study reported having more problems with social and sexual functioning than with physical functioning.”
 Rajesh Balkrishnan - “Overall, the women who used foundation treatments felt that they were worse off physically and mentally than the women who weren't using these treatments.”
 Rajesh Balkrishnan - “There are a lot of new medications on the market for treating diabetes. Although some of these newer drugs are more expensive, that extra expense is made up for by a reduction of cost in other aspects of healthcare use.”
 Rajesh Balkrishnan - “The women who used foundation to cover blemishes may have had a tougher time psychologically dealing with their blemishes than did the women who didn't use corrective makeup. Although it's difficult to say why this is, it may be that the women who didn't wear makeup to cover their blemishes felt more confident in their appearance.”