My Favorite Quotes
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 Rich Ballinger - “We're very excited to have a facility of that caliber to be Sam Houston State University's golf course. We look forward to running this course and making it successful.”
 Jim Ballinger - “We're still trying to fill some events. We're still getting settled and then next week we'll hope to get better times and get some things going.”
 Rich Ballinger - “We're proud that any student can walk and play 18 holes of golf for 5 during the week and 8 during the weekend. Faculty and staff will have discounted rates as well. It's a great thing for the university as a whole. Students will have to provide their own equipment. In the future we hope to offer rental sets, but at the moment we don't have any.”
 Jim Ballinger - “We were hoping for good weather, which is always nice, but the biggest thing is we just wanted to get out and compete.”
 Rich Ballinger - “We'll start those tee times at 730 in the morning and run them until probably 6 o'clock in the evening. If you want a cart, you will pay the cart fee, but you can walk for absolutely nothing.”
 Jim Ballinger - “Once people have a chance to see the entire exhibit, I think that will help them understand the content better. The artists here are just celebrating their First Amendment rights.”
 Rich Ballinger - “As far as the rate structure, our goal is to give an excellent value to the different segments of our community and to make sure that SHSU students can play the golf course for a very minimal fee.”
 Jim Ballinger - “We wanted a color that is very colorful in the desert. Overall, people are very positive about the museum.”
 Rich Ballinger - “Just as a thank you to the community and to celebrate, on Sept. 3 we're going to have a customer appreciation day with complimentary green fees for everybody.”