My Favorite Quotes
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 Lon Balum - “I think (the layoff) hurt us. Having that layoff is good to nurse injuries, but it also kind of takes away from being tuned up and (it takes away) from the intensity.”
 Kellon Balum - “I thought this would be the year (that he would be healthy). But I fought through it anyway.”
 Kellon Balum - “I just wanted to come out here and wrestle my best. I've been here four times and I've only won two I came in here strong and came out on top.”
 Kellon Balum - “I definitely feel a lot better today than I did yesterday. This morning I still didn't feel the best, but I knew I just had to push myself through.”
 Lon Balum - “We will have five matches with some very tough teams. It will be a good test, and good preparation for what lies ahead.”