My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Cuban - “as always, I hope the Spurs lose 82 games.”
 Nick Saban - “In the last two games the quarterback has been affected by what has happened around him,”
 Nick Saban - “It's safe to say he's going to be out for, probably, a couple of games, I don't know.”
 Nick Saban - “Managing the game is the most important thing. Gus has done a pretty good job of that. Turnovers are not killing us. We won the turnover battle in the games that we won and we didn't in the one that we lost.”
 Stephen Urban - “They're just prolonging expenses for the next generation to pay,”
 Nick Saban - “We have to get the kind of execution at quarterback that will give it to them.”
 Nick Saban - “I was very proud though of the way our players fought back in the game. To get the ball down near the goal line, odds are we should be able to get it in there. We didn't really give ourselves the kind of chances that I would hope we would. It is what it is. I am very proud of our team.”
 Nick Saban - “Absolutely. He's done an outstanding job in practice and he finishes every play. He has done everything that anybody could ask of a player. If you asked me, give me the top five guys that are the best practice players, he would be one of them. If Jason Taylor had played in a 3-4 system somewhere, he would have been a Hall of Fame outside linebacker. He's smart and he's got great instincts to learn things, better than I ever hoped for.”
 Nick Saban - “Do we want to play him 75 plays in a game Probably not, ... Do we want to play him in spots and spurts and see how he responds and reacts to it It's almost like you would do in a preseason game -- six, eight plays, take him out for a few, put another guy in, give him six or eight more and see how he manages it.”
 Keith Urban - “I wrote it and God said 'Well, I'm gonna' hang on to them and when you're going through this I'll give it back to you.' And that's exactly what happened.”
 Nick Saban - “Do you feel like you are in just as good as shape as you were before' He says, I feel OK.' I say, Do you get tired quicker' And he says, Not really.'”
 Nick Saban - “He's just a good coach. He's going to help develop and implement what we do.”
 Ebenezer Ekuban - “It felt good just to get the sweat going again.”
 Nick Saban - “The offensive line controlled the line of scrimmage much better in this game. When you run the ball for five yards per carry, that's a good job. And we had pretty decent protection for the quarterbacks.”
 Nick Saban - “There are good players at every spot. Including 16.”
 Jerheme Urban - “Everybody's met me with open arms, ... I know the system, I know the coaches, so it feels good to come back.”
 Nick Saban - “Ronnie did some very good things, from a blocking standpoint, and made a couple of nice runs,”
 Mark Cuban - “I wish Donald nothing but the best for Apprentice 2 and I hope it does just as well as his casinos do. You don't come after dogs, you don't come after kids and you don't come after The Hair.”
 Mark Cuban - “But if Phil wants to think so, I'm fine with that. That's what happens when you own someone, they can't get you out of their head, and they don't often think, speak or act rationally.”
 Mark Cuban - “It's one of the gutsiest things I've ever heard an athlete say. He wasn't politically correct, but he hit the nail right on the head. He deserves incredible kudos for doing what he thinks is right and what he believes in.”
 Nick Saban - “We try to prevent health problems from happening. We space practices out where you have two meals and two opportunities to get hydrated.”
 Mark Cuban - “Last year, we put our hands over our heart for the anthem,”
 Mark Cuban - “I don't know what the odds are, but I hope it happens. What a hell of a parade and party it would be in Big D”
 Mark Cuban - “I'm the type that thinks if you don't learn from history, you're doomed to repeat it.”
 Stephen Urban - “Look at our history and what we've done,”

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