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 Bob Bandoni - “Her distribution was really important. She was distributing it out of her hand, and also hitting people up at midfield. She did a great job.”
 Bob Bandoni - “We are playing in front of a mature, tough keeper who is a great leader. What's great about her leadership is that it allows the younger players to play without inhibitions.”
 Bob Bandoni - “We didn't score as much as I thought we would.”
 Bob Bandoni - “The difference between today and Tuesday was how we threatened inside the box. We had a lot of opportunities. And (the goals) will come.”
 Bob Bandoni - “We just controlled the match from the first whistle. We couldn't score easily at first. It took a little time to get our rhythm working.”
 Bob Bandoni - “What I was really pleased with was the difference between the first and second half. It looked like we had a week's worth of training.”
 Bob Bandoni - “Right now, we're doing what we always do, for the most part. Our focus has been a little longer on just individual development, trying to develop technical skills with individual players, so that they are more comfortable with the ball. So, our approach with tactics is quite delayed. Part of the learning that maybe in the past couple of years has come during training will probably not come until we get into the first couple of games.”
 Bob Bandoni - “We felt as though we were the better team, and we let an opportunity slip by. We talked about it today that our next game against Roaring Fork is the most important game of the season. If we can push through Roaring Fork, then we're set to see if we can knock off one of the top-two teams in our league.”
 Bob Bandoni - “In the middle of the field, Kelsey improved her game remarkably in the second half.”
 Bob Bandoni - “We're going to tap into his maturity and interpersonal skills. What we are seeing right now are the younger players are comfortable playing with him. He actually brings them to a higher level by virtue of his own play, but also due to the respect he has for his players.”
 Bob Bandoni - “It's a shame to make those kinds of mistakes, but you understand that nobody's doing it on purpose. They put so much pressure on us, that it's understandable that those mistakes are going to be forced.”
 Bob Bandoni - “This is really an unknown. I think in the league it's no question. It's Basalt. Usually, people would say, 'All right, the Vail Mountain School is going to be there and so on.' But again, there are so many questions as to how we are going to perform when we see opponents that I think it's more difficult than in years past to make predictions that we automatically fit in the second or third spot.”
 Bob Bandoni - “The pace was such in the first half that we assumed we were going to struggle in the second half. We tried to take care of that through substitutions, but it's hard to do in soccer because then you begin compromising the rhythm of the game. We could see that. We could see that our pace and our work rate in the first half was so high. We were not only frustrating the opponents, I thought we were also being very stubborn in the middle of the field.”
 Bob Bandoni - “Already, it's clear to me that leadership from the senior class is effective. It's not necessarily coming from authority that sometimes is assumed by playing prowess. It's really coming by a moral authority, one that kind of transcends what happens in the field. They're established kids, very comfortable with themselves and very genuine and enthusiastic on the field, but genuine in their responses to the younger players.”
 Bob Bandoni - “We laugh every year about the big S-word. I always think that there isn't anything more fundamental in industry, in athletics and surely in school communities as synergism. We're all feeling a bit of excitement with this group because measured by traditional standards, most people aren't going to have any expectations for us at all. Inside of our camp, we have real high expectations.”