My Favorite Quotes
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 PK Banerjee - “Big home support would definitely egg us to give our best in tomorrow's match.”
 Partha Banerjee - “We had expected 3,000-4,000 people, however, we think about 10,000 people came. A handful of South Asians like us who are in leadership positions were there, otherwise they are hard to find.”
 Partha Banerjee - “If you're really a true leader, this is the time when you should identify yourself with what's happening in America and be part of it.”
 PK Banerjee - “In our times, we constantly used to play with niggles because the coach told us to. But these days, things are different.”
 PK Banerjee - “Several of our players who were instrumental in India winning the SAFF Cup in Karachi in December will be unable to play tomorrow.”
 Mamata Banerjee - “Our feedback says that there is a silent revolution taking place in West Bengal. The people are on the verge of writing history ... A new epoch will start from May 12.”
 Mamata Banerjee - “I will not make any comment.”
 Mamata Banerjee - “We have not shut our doors for discussion. If they want to sit with us we are ready for that.”
 Partha Banerjee - “It's happening all over the country.”
 Partha Banerjee - “That is my fear. That if these laws pass in Congress, that is going to be tomorrow's America.”
 Mamata Banerjee - “There should not be anything covert in case of an electoral alliance with Congress. We are for a formal tie-up.”
 Mamata Banerjee - “We have talked about the infiltration problem but not mentioned any community.”
 Partha Banerjee - “It's unbelievable. People are joining in so spontaneously, it's almost like the immigrants have risen. I would call it a civil rights movement reborn in this country.”
 Partha Banerjee - “This is a modern-day civil rights movement. Political leaders need to understand the importance of the times that we're in. The real leaders in this movement have been the Latino people, the average person.”
 Mamata Banerjee - “He was a political adversary. But I am grieved at his loss. My condolences to the family. He was a good man.”
 Partha Banerjee - “Based on what he has done in the past, I'm very hopeful he'll put words into action.”