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 Zhu Bangzao - “If these over-reactions were seen to be supported by the government, that is a complete misunderstanding.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “To achieve their aim of staying for a long time overseas, some illegal immigrants create excuses and even tell lies in applying for so-called political asylum or refugee status.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “The U.S. side keeps on violating its commitments by selling a large amount of sophisticated weapons to Taiwan persistently. It constitutes a severe encroachment on China's sovereignty and flagrant interference in China's internal affairs.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “We demand that U.S.-led NATO take effective actions to positively react to the solemn demands of the Chinese side.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “Wang Dan did not fulfill his sentence before leaving the country. If he wants to finish his medical parole abroad and apply to return to his country, China's legal departments will handle it in accordance with relevant regulations.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “We hope the two sides will continually enhance mutual respect in a spirit of compromise and cooperation, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation in every field in order to create favorable conditions to realize final, peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “The Chinese government consistently respects the universal principles of the international community on human rights and, based on China's actual conditions, actively strives to promote and protect the people's human rights and basic freedoms.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “The present situation in South Asia has been caused solely by India. India conducted nuclear tests in disregard of strong opposition by the international community.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “Our position is consistent and clear-cut -- that Iraq must cooperate with the United Nations and effectively and comprehensively implement all the resolutions of the U.N. Security Council.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “Where is the responsibility I think it's very clear. The pronouncements of the United States are unacceptable to the Chinese people.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “China is willing to discuss at the United Nations Security Council any proposals against terrorism. All activities should abide by international law, especially the U.N. charter.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “This also demonstrates a present trend for some people to try to hamper the normal export of the U.S. of some high-tech products to China, and hamper the improvement and development of China-U.S. relations.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “If the Taiwanese authorities refuse peaceful negotiation to solve the reunification issue, China will have no choice but to take all measures, including the use of force, to defend its territorial integrity.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “Any attempt to play up the matter again and disrupt china by the despicable means of fabricating materials and distorting facts will be futile.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “These kinds of statements are groundless and have ulterior motives. The report's intention is to spread the China threat theory and whip up anti-China sentiment. We hope the U.S. government will take a clear-cut position on this issue.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “The two sides will continue to negotiate on the technical details of returning the plane. We do not agree to flying the plane out of China. This is impossible.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “The government of the United States should give an explanation to the people of China.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “China, by the same token, has reasons to ask the United States to give its support and understanding in the fight against terrorism and separatists.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “The relevant departments of the People's Republic of China have repeatedly indicated clearly that such incidents would never happen in China. Should it occur, the Chinese law will punish the culprits.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “China hopes for an early resumption of diplomatic efforts to solve the issue concerning the weapons inspection in Iraq by political means.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “Every year there are more than 10,000 criminals who win medical parole in accordance with Chinese regulations. Therefore, there is no question whatsoever that there was a deal between China and the United States.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “No other country has the right to interfere in bilateral relations between China and other countries. In our view, agreements reached between China and other governments should be followed.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “Some people in the United States have intensified the cooked-up case of China's theft of U.S. nuclear technology and that of political contributions. They are totally driven by ulterior motives with the real purpose of encouraging the China threat theory and inciting anti-China sentiment, and shifting the people's attention from the embassy bombing case.”
 Zhu Bangzao - “He's a political exile engaged in separatist activities. China has long opposed his visit to the United States and any official meetings and contacts between him and the U.S. administration.”