My Favorite Quotes
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 David Banisar - “I'm not sure what they expect to get out of this. If they expect to get out of it what people are doing on the Net, there are definitely more anonymous ways to do this.”
 David Banisar - “On the one hand, it is important that people have access to new technology, but at the same time this sets a dangerous precedent for people who have less income and can't usually afford it. I would urge people to have great caution about this. We have seen other deals, such as free phone calls and free e-mail, which generally don't succeed because people are concerned about privacy.”
 David Banisar - “This is a situation like the Web, where information is secretly collected without any discussion of whether it is a good idea,”
 David Banisar - “If it's a shared computer, then the spouse has equal rights to get on it and share what's on it.”
 David Banisar - “It's really designed to take the ability to stay anonymous away from consumers. Businesses in this space are renowned for changing data protection policy when it suits them. Who can guarantee they are not adding the names and info you provide to the ad networks that make their money by spying on you”