My Favorite Quotes
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 Joseph Bankman - “It just indicates how much (easier) the Internet makes what otherwise is an unpleasant process.”
 Joseph Bankman - “You can't have a penny of interest income.”
 Joseph Bankman - “Some of the burden (of tax preparation) is just making sure you don't lose any pieces of paper. If you need to get it replaced, it's a pain. It's all unnecessary. It's all in the state computer in our name. You ought to be able to log online, or have your accountant do it, and get access to all that data.”
 Joseph Bankman - “The idea is to reduce the burden on taxpayers.”
 Joseph Bankman - “Here's a program that saves taxpayers time and money, but most of all, it saves them the aggravation and anxiety they have when confronted with a hard-to-understand tax form.”