My Favorite Quotes
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 John Banville - “The English did many terrible things but one great thing you did was give us this extraordinary language ... and it works for us.”
 John Banville - “I thought, 'That's me gone from the Booker Prize.”
 John Banville - “I thought it was remarkable on his part to be so generous.”
 John Banville - “I wonder about the wisdom of doing the review. Sometimes I wish I hadn't. Some people saw it as one novelist giving a kicking to another and that's not what I intended.”
 John Banville - “This is a great surprise and a great pleasure. Any one of these books could have won. To my colleagues I say just hang around and it will come. I have hung around for many years.”
 John Banville - “DUBLIN - Not everyone was thrilled by the decision last month to give the Man Booker Prize, Britain's most influential literary award, to The Sea ... Never Let Me Go.”
 John Banville - “the public adulation for Saturday was worrying because here was a 911 book that everyone was praising to the sky, making into a bestseller, and it was not a good book for McEwan, who is a very, very good writer. But maybe I shouldn't have been so pompous.”
 John Banville - “What a little vessel of sadness we are, sailing in this muffled silence through the autumn dark.”
 John Banville - “The 911 attack was a huge and terrible thing but it was not unique. I come from a country where, if you put it in scale, some say 350,000 people would have died from the violence.”
 John Banville - “Throughout the 1960s and 1970s devoted Beckett readers greeted each successively shorter volume from the master with a mixture of awe and apprehensiveness it was like watching a great mathematician wielding an infinitesimal calculus, his equations approaching nearer and still nearer to the null point.”