My Favorite Quotes
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 Ehud Barak - “As a political leader, he is almost personally the dominant figure in every blunder that we have gotten into in the last generation,”
 Ehud Barak - “I'm sure that the people, like me, will stand by this government and do everything we can to help it.”
 Ehud Barak - “This government has come to its end. It might survive for another few more weeks or months but ultimately (there will be) new elections.”
 Hosni Mubarak - “In the last explosion, ... immediately Arafat is responsible, although we know that Arafat has no in hand in it completely.”
 Hosni Mubarak - “These are the first direct presidential elections in our history ... In such a situation, words and promises are not enough,”
 Hosni Mubarak - “a turning point in Egyptian history.”
 Ehud Barak - “The Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is an important step in the history of the Palestinian cause,”
 Ehud Barak - “We do not lose hope,”
 Ehud Barak - “I hope of course that everything will be decided in negotiation,”
 Ehud Barak - “I hope it will be implemented,”
 Ehud Barak - “a gimmick that has no importance.”
 Ehud Barak - “tough diplomatic battle. It is impossible to predict how long it will last or the results.”
 Hosni Mubarak - “We are against killing innocent civilians. By all means. we are against that, if it's on the Israeli side or on the Palestinian side,”
 Ehud Barak - “hopeful that, in response to our readiness to take calculated risk, without violating our national interest, that the other side will be able to show some level of flexibility and openness.”
 Ehud Barak - “We are determined to turn every stone to find a way to go forward without risking our security or vital interest,”
 Ehud Barak - “I don't advise anyone to test our reaction when we are deployed on the international border and defending Israel from there,”
 Ehud Barak - “I think that the United States can contribute to the process more as a facilitator than as a kind of policeman, judge and arbitrator,”
 Ehud Barak - “arbitrator, policeman and judge.”
 Ehud Barak - “Welcome to the Holy Land,”
 Hosni Mubarak - “Iraq should commit itself to implement the U.N. resolutions, and the Iraqi leadership should put the interests of its people into consideration,”
 Ehud Barak - “If I were a Palestinian of the right age, I'd eventually join one of the terrorist organizations.”
 Ehud Barak - “Iran poses the most serious long-term threat to regional stability.”
 Hosni Mubarak - “If there is one Osama bin Laden now, there will be 100 bin Ladens afterwards.”
 Hosni Mubarak - “If there is one bin Laden now, there will be 100 bin Ladens afterward.”
 Hosni Mubarak - “in the fight against terrorism.”

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