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 Nathan Barankin - “a long and tortured history, of which we are not at all proud.”
 Nathan Barankin - “My point is, these jurors reached a judgment when the facts and evidence were fresh in their mind. That's the judgment that counts.”
 Nathan Barankin - “We'd be pushing for that big time.”
 Nathan Barankin - “Any temporary victory the state would gain, if it were in our favor, would quickly disappear for years if we don't do it right the first time.”
 Nathan Barankin - “We're aware of the issue and are looking into it. There have been a few informal opinion requests.”
 Nathan Barankin - “From an administrative point of view, there's just an enormous number of samples. We have hundreds of thousands of arrests each year. That can create quite a backlog.”
 Nathan Barankin - “concerns about the current situation in the Middle East.”
 Nathan Barankin - “Whenever the medical profession steps into these social policy issues, things get really complicated in a hurry. Quite frankly, that's the reason San Quentin has never required medical professions to be involved.”
 Nathan Barankin - “This is an unsettled area of the law. The public policy issues are religious freedom versus the right not to be discriminated against.”
 Nathan Barankin - “All the bill really does is eliminate the state certificate. The substantive requirements imposed by the program to ensure that we get high-quality prints ... will remain the policy.”
 Nathan Barankin - “I don't know that it's ever been tested in court, but the law does label it a crime.”
 Nathan Barankin - “Allen is sentenced to death for crimes he committed two decades ago while he was a very cold, calculating man. Every court has unanimously agreed there is no legal basis why the death penalty should not be applied to him.”
 Nathan Barankin - “We know that this case, no matter how it's decided by Judge Fogel, is going to be appealed to the 9th Circuit and probably to the U.S. Supreme Court, so it's very important for us to get the case done right.”
 Nathan Barankin - “Mr. Williams has had his appeals heard by every possible court in the state and federal system, and all of them have rejected his claims.”
 Nathan Barankin - “He has been rejected by every state and federal court that has heard Williams' prior appeals, ... What they all determined was Williams was guilty.”
 Nathan Barankin - “We're disappointed but not surprised. Everyone agrees this is a statute that affects First Amendment rights and these cases are subject to careful review by the courts. We believe the statute is narrowly crafted to restrict children's access to uniquely explicit materials and that is justified by the Constitution.”
 Nathan Barankin - “The state has won preliminary rounds to clear up the sale of the bonds but appeals are pending.”
 Nathan Barankin - “It's consistent with the long-held federal view on this medicine, and that is that marijuana is the equivalent of heroin and cocaine. California voters disagree.”
 Nathan Barankin - “What we said is, Proposition 215 is the law of California and is not pre-empted by federal law. There is a lot of room for people to debate Proposition 215 and whether it requires or prohibits cities from doing one thing or another.”
 Nathan Barankin - “It gives the state an opportunity to develop a clear record (about) what medical experts have already said a person executed under California lethal injection protocol receives no pain.”
 Nathan Barankin - “We don't see any remarkable increase in the pace of executions in California.”
 Nathan Barankin - “We reached a permanent injunction against Sun Healthcare Group, which at the time was the largest provider of nursing home care in California.”
 Nathan Barankin - “What the state of California expects to recover as a result of our lawsuits goes well above and beyond the resolution that was reached today.”
 Nathan Barankin - “Time is of the essence. The attorney general realizes that as we head into the full election season, voter registration efforts will only increase. We want to make sure those who do not know how to comply with the law aren't in the business.”
 Nathan Barankin - “Any type of crime with biological evidence is eligible for DNA matching. Blood happens to be a particularly common and good source of genetic evidence.”

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