My Favorite Quotes
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 Fabio Barbosa - “We have that right and we paid for it. We're not going to give it up without compensation.”
 Fabio Barbosa - “It's our first big international project.”
 Leandro Barbosa - “Not even one time I fouled him. Because he's Kobe and I'm young, he gets the call. I bet Raja would not get one of them. I'm learning. Hopefully, in the playoffs, I'll get a chance to guard him.”
 Fabio Barbosa - “Our vision is that we have to search for organic growth.”
 Leandro Barbosa - “I feel a lot more comfortable than last year and the year before. The guys and the coach have been helping me a lot. Steve Nash always makes everyone comfortable on the court. I think this is very important for everybody.”
 Fabio Barbosa - “We had a contract. We have a contract. This right should be upheld.”
 Leandro Barbosa - “In this league, it's one thing I don't like to say, but it's about business. Everybody likes you, but tomorrow they trade you. I don't like the word trade. I'm going to do the best I can to be here. I like Phoenix, my team, the fans.”
 Fabio Barbosa - “There is great potential for growth in Africa, as long as risk is controlled in the best way possible.”