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 Charles Barkley - “They didn't give us all the money and all the endorsements after one year. Obviously, I wish it could have stunted my growth.”
 Charles Barkley - “I came to the realization a couple months ago that I am fat. If you get tired from walking - and that's all that golf is - then you are officially fat.”
 Charles Barkley - “It's embarrassing. If you are a man and you can't beat girls or the smart kids, you shouldn't be playing...I'm retiring from golf. I'm not going to play again.”
 Dean Barkley - “You just keep doing what they're doing and people can judge for themselves who is the true independent.”
 Charles Barkley - “I know I'm never as good or bad as one single performance. I've never believed in my critics or my worshippers, and I've always been able to leave the game at the arena.”
 Charles Barkley - “Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train.”
 Charles Barkley - “We don't need refs, but I guess white guys need something to do.”
 Charles Barkley - “I know that I'm never as good or bad as any single performance. I've never believed my critics or my worshippers, and I've always been able to leave the game at the arena.”
 Charles Barkley - “This place Nothing positive. OK, I want to say something positive. It's positively a dump.”
 Charles Barkley - “If somebody hits you with an object you should beat the hell out of them.”
 Charles Barkley - “I think that the team that wins game five will win the series. Unless we lose game five.”
 Charles Barkley - “It's something we thought about coming into the Olympics, but it's not something we thought would happen. I just feel bad for all the families involved.”
 Charles Barkley - “Everybody has got to do a little part, ... We're all in this world together and I appreciate them doing something positive with their time.”
 Charles Barkley - “No matter how great a coach he is, there comes a time when it's not working. They shouldn't be this bad. The players are tuning him out.”
 Charles Barkley - “You could say it was spectacular. That was the biggest one I've ever done, ... Most of the others rolled two or three times and that was it. It happened so fast and it was over. I had no time to think.”
 Charles Barkley - “They can't beat Detroit, first of all. But they aren't athletic enough, they don't guard, they have trouble with athletic people, the guards especially.”
 Charles Barkley - “I don't think of myself as giving interviews. I just have conversations. That gets me in trouble.”
 Charles Barkley - “I want her to understand that it's going to be a factor in her life. I just want her to know that (racism) does exist, and I want her to always be diligent, and if she sees it, address it and fight it.”
 Charles Barkley - “I don't know what that gas is made of, but it can't smell any worse than Ernie Johnson 's gym bag.”
 Charles Barkley - “The difference in the playoffs is you're playing against a good team every day. You're not playing one good team, then two bad, then two good ones. The one thing that I learned in my 16 years is that you might take a glimpse of tape before games, but (in the playoffs) you sit down and go over tapes every single day from game to game. . . . That's when you find out who can really play and who can really coach.”
 Charles Barkley - “They haven't killed me yet. Check the small print on the ticket. You're here at your own risk. I've seen better players then me hit people.”
 Charles Barkley - “My family got all over me because they said Bush is only for the rich people. Then I reminded them, 'Hey, I'm rich'.”
 Charles Barkley - “Because of the opportunities I've had in life, I feel I have an obligation to speak up about issues affecting our communities, and one of those issues is the health status of African-Americans and how to raise their level of health,”
 Charles Barkley - “If you get a standing ovation for getting 12 points, there is something wrong. If I had scored 12 points, I would have gotten booed out of the building. My mother and grandmother would have called cussing me out.”
 Charles Barkley - “I'm no role model.”

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