My Favorite Quotes
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 Leon Barmore - “It used to be we tried to recruit two or three superstars and put together whatever we could around them, and we'd be successful. You don't get three superstars now, so you have to go out and get five good players and hope you can coach them into something better.”
 Leon Barmore - “He really fought it. For a while there, he thought he had it beat, but he didn't.”
 Leon Barmore - “You watch them up close, they understand each other's strengths. There's no ego there. If there was an ego, it wouldn't work.”
 Leon Barmore - “We've lost one of the giants in this business. I have always felt like Sue was one of the top three or four coaches in the women's game.”
 Leon Barmore - “You say I like that coach, or I don't like that coach, but nobody ever said they didn't like Sue Gunter. She treated me better and with more respect than anybody in the business.”
 Leon Barmore - “I still hold out hope, but it's going to be hard for somebody out of nowhere to get to the Final Four. Every state university cares about women's basketball now. The edge we had once is gone.”