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 Barry Bonds - “As long as guys around you keep swinging the bat good, they've got to come to you eventually. You've just got to be patient. ... That's how you win games. Everybody has to do it.”
 Barry Bonds - “This division is a little ... different. It's the first time I've seen this in the history of baseball. But you can't take two games and start riding a white pony. You've got to keep winning games, don't look back.”
 Barry Bonds - “Everybody wants to get to the playoffs. You can just see it in the dugout that everybody wanted to win. If you get behind, sometimes you can just give up. No one gave up. Our pitching did a great job.”
 Barry Bonds - “I feel pretty good,”
 Barry Bonds - “No. I don't have to. I mean I'm a good enough ballplayer as it is.”
 Barry Bonds - “It's good to know my instincts haven't gone anywhere, ... With each swing I felt more and more comfortable in there. I'd have to admit that I was satisfied with the results.”
 Barry Bonds - “The guys are playing really good, ... I don't want to mess em up.”
 Barry Bonds - “It was good. I finally got to swing the bat a little bit more.”
 Barry Bonds - “His swing is intact. The hand-eye coordination is intact. The bat is ready. The other stuff, I don't want to get into.”
 Barry Bonds - “So far, so good. I hate to say anything just in case somewhere down the road something happens, but at this stage and the way I feel, I'll play, definitely.”
 Barry Bonds - “I felt great. It felt good to be with the guys, being in San Francisco, hearing the fans. There's no place like home.”
 Barry Bonds - “It's working real good. I hope it stays like that all year.”
 Barry Bonds - “I have been playing catch and in the next few weeks I hope to be in the cage doing some hitting. There is a good possibility I could be back in September with the team but if not I will definitely be in the 2006 line-up.”
 Barry Bonds - “I need to go back to the hotel and put my leg up,”
 Barry Bonds - “I just put it off the field so no one would get hurt.”
 Barry Bonds - “Both are illegal and immoral. The tactic of obtaining stories by breaking the law is disturbing.”
 Barry Bonds - “You guys are re-running stories. This is old stuff. It's like watching Sanford and Son . It's almost comical, basically.... Are you guys jealous, upset, disappointed, what”
 Barry Bonds - “Anyone who knows me knows I'm not jealous of anybody. I'm proud of what Mark McGwire did I'm proud of what Sammy did. They lifted the game.”
 Barry Bonds - “Barry Bonds, his name continually linked to suspicion of steroid use, later broached the subject. It busts me up when they show some teenager who's been on steroids and his life is suddenly messed up, ... It's the parent's job to be a parent to that kid. ... I tell my boy, 'if I see you doing steroids, I'll bust you up.' And I mean it.”
 Barry Bonds - “I may hit the ball 410 feet and the next one isn't going to go 410 feet, ... Maybe I'll grab my ribcage. That's life. I'm OK with it.”
 Barry Bonds - “Those boos really motivate me to make something happen.”
 Barry Bonds - “There is nothing better than walking out and hitting a home run.”
 Barry Bonds - “It's not the name that makes the player. It's the player.”
 Barry Bonds - “I'd like to help educate kids about the Major Leagues - what to anticipate, what to expect, what they'll need to do to prepare themselves.”
 Barry Bonds - “I never stop looking for things to try and make myself better.”

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