My Favorite Quotes
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 Mayor Barse - “An investigation can't hurt. Anything that enhances our city's safety capabilities is a good idea.”
 Mayor Barse - “We are always seeking new and better information.”
 Ken Barse - “He's been the backup for three years. This is his year. He wanted a chance and he's making the best of it.”
 Mayor Barse - “This should have been accomplished two years ago. We are very happy that they will be constructed, but it should not have come to this.”
 Mayor Barse - “You can never have enough preparedness. This is a great opportunity to have someone come in and give us some training and enlightenment on certain safety issues.”
 Mayor Barse - “We must stop the bleeding at the border. It's just a scary thought that in a post-911 age, we still have this type of problem. It doesn't make any sense.”
 Mayor Barse - “There is a total lack of a coherent national plan. Our government needs to come up with a plan to address the problem of illegal immigration. It's not going to go away, it's only going to get worse.”
 Mayor Barse - “This will help us plot the plan for the future of our generating facility. It is a critical need for our area.”
 Ken Barse - “I don't think we were physically tired. We were a little mentally tired. Our lack of discipline was the difference in the game. You can't wear out your best players killing penalties.”
 Ken Barse - “They were very focused. They all got together and said, 'We can't let this be a distraction and only worry about the things we can control.' I was impressed.”
 Mayor Barse - “The new pay-to-play laws cause serious fundraising challenges. Our administration enacted the laws, and we know what the rules are and we plan to follow through with them.”