My Favorite Quotes
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 Kim Bartell - “I know in my heart he never teased anyone.”
 Kim Bartell - “His acts were cowardly, your honor. Jason was a coward.”
 Terry Bartell - “We've got a lot of weapons, to where a lot of teams won't be able to just isolate one or two of our players. When we run the floor, when we get it going, our athletes look pretty tough out there. It's a fun team to watch when they get to running the floor.”
 Kim Bartell - “First off, he shoots two people who are unarmed. He shoots Seth in the back first. Everything that he did is cowardly. And then when asked by (BCA Agent) Ken McDonald, he turns around and says 'Oh, they were teasing me.' Just like a true bully would do.”
 Terry Bartell - “I think our kids learned a valuable lesson. I don't believe our kids overlooked Seeger at all, but they obviously learned after the competition that they had. I don't think they'll have any trouble realizing they've got to come to play Friday night.”
 Terry Bartell - “Whether we lose the afternoon game or whether we move on, it's an accomplishment for our program and our girls to win four (sectionals) in a row.”
 Terry Bartell - “She just showed her athletic ability.”