My Favorite Quotes
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 Greg Bartholomew - “Most of my younger customers don't buy comic books. They buy the card games because they're more interactive.”
 Scott Bartholomew - “Colton's a great running back. We really thought Colton would get one on us there. What we wanted to do was take away all those other ones they've been getting. I think that we did a good job of reading our keys tonight and staying home where we needed to be.”
 Ecumenical Bartholomew - “It is incumbent upon the enlightened leadership of the three religions to express with one voice once again the desire of God for peaceful co-existence among peoples.”
 Greg Bartholomew - “We're customer-friendly. I've been doing this for 12 years. I think people want to deal with people who know they're going to be there the next time they come down.”
 Ecumenical Bartholomew - “We salute you for your steadfastness in maintaining the faith of your ancestral tradition, as well as your love for the beautiful, spiritual, cultural and folk traditions in which you reverently persevere. Truly it is out of respect and love for the memory of your forebears that you have clung to your ecclesiastical and ancestral customs.”
 Scott Bartholomew - “Tonight we came into the second half against a good football team, and we controlled the second half. That's a good sign from our kids. Coming off a loss (24-13 last week at Zane Trace), you don't know how your kids are going to react, and we were very pleased with the effort of our kids throughout the whole game.”
 Ecumenical Bartholomew - “We are in very good relationships with the present pope, Benedict XVI, and I'm in the very happy position to announce to you that we are going to restart the dialogue on the international global level between the Orthodox church and the Roman Catholic church.”
 Greg Bartholomew - “This is a specialty business, and people will drive for their hobbies.”
 Ecumenical Bartholomew - “We call for an end to the killing of one another, and we denounce the violence and fanaticism that threatens life. The victory of the resurrection must be experienced as a victory of life, of brotherhood, of the future, of hope.”
 Cecilia Bartholomew - “Many of us spend our whole lives running from feeling with the mistaken belief that you cannot bear the pain. But you have already bornethe pain. What you have not done is feel all of you are beyond the pain.”
 Cecilia Bartholomew - “Writers have two main problems. One is writer's block, when the words won't come at all, and the other is logorrhea, when the words come so fast that they can hardly get to the wastebasket in time.”
 Cecilia Bartholomew - “In the midst of anger, jealousy, self-pity, a negative thought, or emotion, say 'I love myself in this moment, just as I am'.”