My Favorite Quotes
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 Matt Bartle - “This petition asks Missourians to peg Missouri constitutional law to what some federal judge in San Francisco or New York says it is, ... I'm stunned that they would include such a wide-open and obvious flaw.”
 Matt Bartle - “I believe that a human embryo is worthy of legal protection, ... Western medicine has been founded on a principle First, do no harm.”
 Matt Bartle - “Without a doubt this law will be challenged in court,”
 Matt Bartle - “You have 'fiscal Republicans' who see this differently from the social conservatives, ... You have a gleeful media and gleeful Democrats who have found a wedge issue and are trying to exploit it. Here we are, sitting in the conservative Midwest, and I can't get this through the legislature. It's an intriguing, baffling political situation.”
 Matt Bartle - “The only published, peer-reviewed study of secondary effects ... found that areas surrounding adult business actually reported less crime than areas in a control group.”