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 Cecilia Bartoli - “You must feel what you're singing, not just have a good presentation of the language.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “This is the secret - the repertoire. You have to try to consolidate your repertoire. It is a big step if you know how to do that.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “I did a concert... in September with the Berlin Philharmonic... They're great musicians, and there's always something to learn from them.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “The songs of Bizet are by a French peer of Rossini. When Rossini stopped composing, he was living in Paris. He also wrote some beautiful songs in French.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “It's such a joy to work with different ensembles and create a collaboration. Rehearsing and building a performance is very interesting for me.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “I am a person of the 18th century.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “Arizona is gorgeous. The sunshine in Arizona is gorgeous red.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “I was surprised to learn that Gluck spent some months in Prague at the time when we know operas by Vivaldi were being performed there.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “It's very special historic time, and there was a lot of change made in 18th century.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “The moment you start with every note being built-this famous house-and then you can play-you can put every furniture you want in the house. And this is a little bit like with the voice. And then you can play. You can play anything.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “I think at least God said hello to me. I was lucky, lucky to have the voice, but also lucky to have this energy to really want to do this.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “Sometimes I can have a desire to do this and that, but my voice-it likes to go straight.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “The moment you know how to walk-let's see, because this is like walking-then you can do whatever you want with your voice.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “The voice is an instrument that you really must take time to develop. It's like a good red wine Give it time.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “The restaurants close here in Salzburg. They don't really have a nightlife in the winter time.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “The beginning of the 19th century in Germany and Vienna was a new era with German composers writing in the German language.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “People realize that Salieri is not the man we saw in the Amadeus movie. That man had no talent. It was a great movie, but the Salieri character was a big fiction.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “We consider Monteverdi the first composer of opera. There was someone before, but everything started with Monteverdi.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “It's very difficult, because also at the end of the opera, so I have to try to keep energy, the energy and the freshness of the voice until the end, so-it's really a big lesson that Rossini wanted to give to every singer, to every mezzo, yes.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “When you are accompanied by the instrument - on an instrument like the lute-the lute and voice - you have this sound, and you feel how the music can be so touching and yet so simple.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “When you are accompanied by the instrument-on an instrument like the lute-the lute and voice-you have this sound, and you feel how the music can be so touching and yet so simple.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “The joy is actually in the music. It's the music that supports you and tells you what to do. It tells you how to fill the music. You don't have to be shy about feeling the music when you're singing. If you believe in music-the power of music-the music will support you and take you to another dimension.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “I went to the Conservatory of Music in school in Rome.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “So you see, movies are really another dimension.”
 Cecilia Bartoli - “I think the music of Mozart is like a universe of human feelings, sentiments and fragility, and ... that's why it's so 'actual' in a way, so modern.”

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