My Favorite Quotes
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 Sanjaya Baru - “This new look-west initiative towards the GCC members will bring the economies of the Persian Gulf closer to India.”
 Sanjaya Baru - “It's a historic visit. It's going to alter relations between India and Saudi Arabia.”
 Sanjaya Baru - “The Prime Minister conveyed the best wishes of the people of India to the people of Nepal.”
 Sanjaya Baru - “The Prime Minister would like all men and women of goodwill in the dialogue process to end the period of suffering.”
 Sanjaya Baru - “Economic policy reforms aimed at encouraging new investment in all sectors of the economy will also be taken up.”
 Sanjaya Baru - “The prime minister discussed the issue with everybody, but he has not taken any decision yet.”
 Sanjaya Baru - “The Prime Minister wants a totally transparent inquiry as the people of the country will have to be convinced,”
 Sanjaya Baru - “He reiterated his commitment to ensuring life of peace, self-respect for people of JK.”
 Sanjaya Baru - “The Centre (federal government) has made it clear that it would hold talks with a cross-section of political leaders from the state.”
 Sanjaya Baru - “The two countries have agreed to set up a group of officials to understand the agreement together and to examine what India and Australia can do together in this respect.”