My Favorite Quotes
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 Abheek Barua - “Investors are looking at India carefully and avian flu is a risk.”
 Abheek Barua - “It is a negotiating tool. I have a feeling that the left has seen the light of economic reason and knows that to push social sector spending, you need money.”
 Jahnu Barua - “The market of Assamese films is very small. Therefore at times we fail to make the kind of films we want to.”
 Abheek Barua - “It's a little unfair to attribute the problem to lack of disaster management. If Singapore or London faced a downpour like what Bombay had last week, I would imagine the situation won't be much different. Those cities also would have been shut.”
 Abheek Barua - “I am certainly worried about oil prices but not worried about indigenous manufacturing inflation which is under control.”
 Jahnu Barua - “Our films have always received critical acclaim. This festival is an attempt to bring Assamese cinema to a larger audience here.”