My Favorite Quotes
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 Mitch Basefsky - “We've never had them, even when we had no CAP (Central Arizona Project) water. But we can't say 100 percent, we're sure, no restrictions.”
 Mitch Basefsky - “The more efficient we are, the better we use each drop of water, the less likely we are to be hurt by a shortage because we're going to be able to use the water we do have as efficiently as possible.”
 Mitch Basefsky - “Desert adapted plants, once they're established, they need very little supplemental water. Some of the other plants that we use in the desert, even if they're desert adapted, may not be native to this region, and so they may need additional water supplies.”
 Mitch Basefsky - “It probably blew out a weak spot. The side of the pipe blew out, rather than it failing at a joint.”
 Mitch Basefsky - “If we tried to fluoridate now, we'd have to find a totally different strategy to make it work, and we don't know if we could find a way that's cost-effective. We do know it would be very expensive to fluoridate on a well-by-well basis.”