My Favorite Quotes
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 Marco Basten - “Patrick is doing well at the moment after a long absence and it is his job to give us a tough job selecting the squad.”
 Marco Basten - “We won and are on top now, that's positive but we have to improve our performance,”
 Marco Basten - “Some moments we played well but overall we struggled with our opponents because we failed to raise the pace.”
 Marco Basten - “They're all countries with a rich history and technically skilled players. We're going to make sure that we're well motivated from the start. If you start out with a tough one you immediately know what you are worth.”
 Marco Basten - “We'll have to see whether he's fit in time. I can't make a prognosis about that now,”
 Marco Basten - “This staff intends to build a team which is offensive and attractive where the players must show proof of initiative and especially take pleasure in putting on the orange jersey.”
 Marco Basten - “I'm happy for Salomon for this decision. I'm looking forward to working with him.”
 Marco Basten - “We train always on the knife edge with a lot of emotion, but I explained to Ruud that it is important that we control our emotions and treat team mates with respect.”
 Marco Basten - “I think the Netherlands and Belgium should set up a joint competition. This way we can counter the (financial) strength of countries like Britain, Spain, Italy, France and Germany where they just splash money about.”
 Marco Basten - “The passing away of the grand old man of the training camp, the father of Dutch football, is an enormous loss for the football world.”