My Favorite Quotes
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 William Bastone - “Frey lied to us, lied to his lawyers, and lied to his fans.”
 Kelly Bastone - “Basements are bad. They are notorious for water leaks.”
 Kelly Bastone - “It's as simple as understanding the environments in your home. The first thing you need to know is water is bad.”
 William Bastone - “Turns out he's a well-to-do frat boy who, you know, isn't kind of this desperado that he'd like people to think he was.”
 William Bastone - “It's not often we have people who have been convicted of a crime -- in her case took a plea -- and have been photographed, booking photo taken, under supervised release, that they would think that the distribution of their police photo shouldn't be done. That's a new one for us.”
 William Bastone - “I give Oprah a lot of credit. She's incredibly powerful and she could have just ignored the whole thing. She didn't.”
 Kelly Bastone - “Everyone has important family stuff under their beds, in the basement and in the attic. As a museum, it's our place to offer this kind of service to the community.”
 William Bastone - “The overall majority of contentions he makes in the book are not borne out by contemporaneous police records or by interviews we conducted with police and court officials in Ohio and Michigan.”
 William Bastone - “In off-the-record interviews with us, Frey admitted embellishing facts in the book for dramatic impact.”
 William Bastone - “The only stuff we looked at were incidents for which there are a paper trail ... (and) everything we looked up was full of lies. (Winfrey said) the belief this book is changing the lives of people trumps the fact that maybe the story is a fake. You would expect somebody in her position would take the ethical stand.”