My Favorite Quotes
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 Fred Batchelor - “I thought (Bethune) got a lot of good looks down the stretch that they usually knock down, that I've seen them knock down over and over again. I thought that the difference was the fact that they didn't get any second looks.”
 Fred Batchelor - “That's the difference in the games we've lost. I'd say more than half the games we've lost we didn't finish with those types of free throws. ... Today, hitting those free throws was the difference in the game. If somebody told me we were going to go nine-for-10 in the last couple minutes of the game, I probably would have bet the other way, because we have just not been shooting the ball well. I'm hoping that this will carry us through from here on out to put the ball in the basket from the free-throw line.”
 John Batchelor - “I knew the organization, and I was comfortable with them going, ... We both felt if that's what God wanted them to do, we didn't want to stand in their way.”
 Fred Batchelor - “We've taken our good losses this year. This is one we wanted to get. This is just disappointing. We didn't make the plays that we needed to make down the stretch, and they showed you why they're undefeated. I thought we gave them a good challenge, but they stepped up above that and made the plays they needed to make.”
 John Batchelor - “Dickens loved the idea of a cliff-hanger and delivered the novel in instalments. I have an idea he would have loved television drama.”
 Fred Batchelor - “They outplayed us tonight. They really played great, it was clear they came to play and we didn't, it's as simple as that.”
 John Batchelor - “We painted like crazy. We tried to bring some pleasantness to their homes. There is a lot of poverty down there. There are a lot of older people, a lot of widows. The fact that we took care of their house was something they couldn't express enough thanks for.”
 Fred Batchelor - “Last year, we didn't have a whole lot of leadership from the seniors. I thought this year there's been a huge difference all the way through. We weren't playing very good basketball early in the year, and then throughout February into March we've been playing really, really solid basketball.”
 Fred Batchelor - “I'm really proud of the way they stepped up. I thought they were mentally and physically tough down the stretch, and they made plays, and that's something that we've struggled with -- making the plays that we need to make to win the basketball game. I thought they did that tonight.”
 Batchelor - “A koan literally ' a public case' is a description of an entire situation, usually of a dialogue between a Zen master and his disciple the hwadu is only the central point of the exchange which is then singled out as a topic for meditation.”