My Favorite Quotes
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 Tony Battie - “At this point, we've got to show some backbone. You don't stop playing because things aren't going your way. As a team, you find out now if it has any character, any heart.”
 Tony Battie - “We can still show our backbone, and even though things are not going the way we want them, we will go out there and show character and show heart. We're going to compete hard and try to win every game the rest of the way.”
 Tony Battie - “Things happen. It has to stay in our house.”
 Tony Battie - “I thought Dwight really dominated in the first half. They made some good adjustments after halftime and their bench really contributed. It was tough to match their intensity.”
 Tony Battie - “I'd love to be in the thick of a playoff race right now -- and the chances are very slim for us now -- but the mathematical chance is still there. Either way, you use this time to prepare for next season, to find something out about people.”
 Tony Battie - “Through the long duration of the season, there are going to be injuries and lineup changes. If you start, you start. If you come off the bench, you have to be ready. Either way, you have to be ready when your number is called. When I approach it like that, I have no problem.”
 Tony Battie - “Being the college player of the year and having a stellar college career pretty much has groomed him into being a solid guard. He's in the same position now that Dwight was in the beginning of the year. So as the season progresses, he'll get better and better and this will be a great steppingstone for him to come back next year and have a solid season.”
 Tony Battie - “Some guys like to start it out, and they get out of the blocks well. But from a mental standpoint, if I'm coming off the bench, I like to sit down and see what's going on. I can clear up some things when I get out there or try not to do the exact things that someone else has been messing up on.”
 Tony Battie - “I think it takes care of itself. I don't put any extra pressure on myself. I bring what I bring to the game. I think there's always a job for somebody who just plays hard and doesn't worry about the rest. It all depends on how the front office views you. Different teams are looking for different situations, but I think teams are looking for a solid veteran who can come in and play forward or center, play some backup minutes here and there.”
 Tony Battie - “We've shown what this team is capable of doing. We're capable of putting together a string of wins, especially against the top teams in the league.”
 Tony Battie - “J.D. was a real cool guy. I don't think anyone had any personal problem with Johnny at all. But the nature of this business is wins. And when you don't get it done, they make changes.”